2017 Clinic Dates
Clinic Dates are in the works and will be

posted soon. Thank you for your support

and patience. We have already started doing

a few reloading classes and will have more to

offer in 2017.

Clinic info:  Clinics have a limited number of spots, so reserve early to make sure you get a spot as they do fill up.

Clinic cost: $50

2017 Match Dates

1.) February-19th Vale RMPRL points - CANCELED!!
2.) March 17th-19th-Vale NRL National Match

Registration URL: http://nationalrifleleague.org/idaho-shamrock-shootout/
3.) April 16th-Vale RMPRL points (CHANGED!!)

Updated April match info - April 30th @ new range in Eagle, ID.. Watch the Facebook page for more info!
4.) May 28th-Eagle RMPRL points
5.) June 25th- Eagle RMPRL points
6.) Aug 20th-Location to be determined RMPRL points

7.) Sept 17th-Location to be determined RMPRL points 

Match info:  Most matches are less than 100 rounds unless stated. Max caliber is 8mm and a max velocity of 3150fps.

Match cost: $40