2017 Happenings Hey everyone! Here is a little overview of what is going on for 2017.

1.) PRSID will be running monthly matches as usual, but this year we will be part of the Rocky Mountain Precision Rifle League. As with the last few years when we have been part of the North West Precision Rifle League, we will be part of a greater league series. What this means to you is that Idaho will be tied in with the Utah, Northern Nevada, and Montana matches in an effort to bring you more comps which are closer to you. We really hope that everyone will enjoy this change and can get out to shoot more.

2.) Current match dates are not set in stone as we are currently trying to add some Saturdays to the schedule, and possibly throw in a .22 match or an Extended Long Range match in there.

3.) PRSID is happy to announce that we were asked to throw a NRL match this year due to the success of our national match in 2016. Thank you to all that helped out with set up, tear down, and ROing of our 2016 match. We have big expectations of 2017. If you have never heard of the NRL, please check them out on facebook or at www.nationalrifleleague.org